Interactive Currency Charts

These little tools have been evolving in pair with the technology as it advances in an increasingly faster rate. As such, we no longer have to focus only on abstract or non-responsive tables and raw data – we now have interactive tools that allow us to get the most out of our analysis efforts. Throughout this small article we will go over how to use them and the instructions on using popular charts and graphs.

Interactive charts are the new way to go, and with all of the new technology available for traders to make their job easier, nobody wants to analyze charts that only stare at you blankly – instead, traders now demand an interactive way to collect information they know it is needed for their particular case, so they resort to charts that can be easily customizable, filtered, and squeezed to churn out as much information as possible.

Gone are the days in which traders would simply print tables to analyze them on the evening drinking a cup of coffee – traders now have these interactive tables and graphs to analyze on their computers, and they can modify and apply certain filters or indicators at will, in order to reap the most out of these tools.

Currency charts make it that you can trade accordingly with some meaningful analysis:

Currency Charts can be analyzed by everyone, but of course stock traders don’t need to conduct this kind of analysis – people should always focus on the markets they trade in, so a stock trader would want to look at stock charts and economic stock market’s calendars.

As so, the traders that should look onto these charts are traders who deal with the Forex market, or the foreign exchange market, the market which trades in currencies and foreign coinage. There are two big markets of traders as far as currency trading is concerned – Forex traders and binary options’ traders.

So, if you’re one of these traders, make sure you check one of these amazing tools regularly and try to customize them around the pairs you trade with the most – you can do this by setting some filters to include the currency types you are interested in.

30 Minute CandleStick Chart for Euro/USD

30 Minute CandleStick Chart for GBP/USD

30 Minute CandleStick Chart for USD/JPY

The Candlestick Chart as the basis for successful trading:

Now, there’s something you definitely have to consider, and that is the candlestick chart. This chart is a model that has been used for a lot of time, but it is now getting more and more limelight as it becomes part of any successful trading strategy.

For starters, this type of graph is where traders stick signals and indicators on, and for a lot of traders this is enough to make this the best choice ever. On the other hand, this graph has a lot of different data drawn out in an easy to grasp way – and you can even one-click expand certain areas to get more info about a certain period or event, which makes it even better.

So, as you can see, hi-tech tools don’t have to cost a lot of money, sometimes they are as simple as a graph.